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How we’ll forge ahead, despite coronavirus, for those raising kids with reactive attachment disorder

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

We know the feeling. Many of you raising children with reactive attachment disorder have felt lonely, worried and fearful for a while now—far earlier than when the coronavirus pandemic began.

You’ve likely been “socially-distanced” for a long time—whether by others or because public places and social gatherings are just too difficult to maneuver with your child.

This isn’t “novel” for you at all. Without many options, you have continued to raise your child in isolation and with little support for what feels like forever.

You may feel all the more hopeless and isolated from the coronavirus pandemic these days. There is now even greater uncertainty in your home. And to make matters worse, you no longer have breaks while your child is in school. Even though they aren’t as helpful as you’d like, your child may no longer get to see therapists, doctors and other professionals as readily.

But we are not going anywhere. We know you need support even more now than ever before.

During this national pandemic, RAD Advocates will continue to root for you, pull together resources on your behalf and field your phone calls. We will continue moving forward, despite the coronavirus, to support you.

In fact, our plans for Navigating RAD 2020—our first conference for those raising children with reactive attachment disorder—continues.

We will change our original planned date of September 11-12, however, to allow for responsible social distancing and confident traveling. Although we hope our world can move freely by this summer, we just can’t be sure. We will continue to watch and wait until we feel more confident about a “safe date” for which you can travel without worry of illness, cancelled flights or other complications.

So while we can’t yet send new save-the-date messages, we hope to lift your spirits with our official announcement of our Navigating RAD 2020 conference.

We hope you join us for this first-of-its-kind conference especially for reactive attachment disorder parenting.

Navigating RAD 2020

a unique conference for those raising children with reactive attachment disorder

Date: TBD


At Navigating RAD 2020, you’ll get the support and guidance you need from seasoned professionals and parents to create a realistic plan to move your family forward with confidence, including:

  • A workbook just for you to navigate through your best options based on your child's severity and family dynamics, complete with tips and blank spaces to organize your thoughts and wishes throughout the conference— for you to leave with a customized plan of action

  • Opportunities to meet other RAD caretakers nationwide for ongoing support and camaraderie after the conference is complete

  • Breaks with grounding exercises from supportive and caring people who understand the triggers that come from raising children with reactive attachment disorder

…and more to come. Please watch for further details and dates.

We feel hopeful that our world will come out stronger and more united after this pandemic is behind us. We know our "RAD community" will reflect and move ahead from troublesome times, not only as individual families, but as a nation.

Until then, take care of yourself in every way possible, stay in touch via our newsletters, Facebook and Instagram and reach out to us directly if you’re in crisis. We are here, always.

p.s. - We've planned a special limited-time conference rate just our VIP e-mail subscribers. Here's the link for you to subscribe!


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