We Advocate for Families

  • Offer support and encouragement to families who are affected by RAD
  • Help families create a safety plan​​
  • Support caregivers during a crisis
  • Assist with finding resources and treatment options​ for all family members
  • When possible, be present during investigations and court hearings to offer support and help educate professionals
  • Research appropriate options for the treatment of RAD​​
  • Offer case management, support and encouragement to families who​ are affected by RAD
  • Attend school meetings to assist with supporting the child in an​ educational setting
  • Attend therapy sessions to help the provider understand the effects of the trauma that RAD causes, and help to create a therapeutic plan
  • Attend doctor appointments to to support the family and educate the professionals
  • Attend meetings with Human Services to be an advocate on behalf of the family unit to ensure safety
  • Provide training to educate caregivers and professionals about the effects of living with a child who has or is suspected of having RAD
  • And more….

** We don't charge families for the support we provide. We rely on the generous donations of others to help cover costs associated with helping families.