It's like I had been screaming "Please SOMEBODY help! I'm drowning! I'm not going to survive this!" and everyone just walked by, patted me on the shoulder and said hang in there. Then RAD Advocates came along and took my hand. They stayed with me and helped me stay afloat. They GET IT! They are the people I always prayed God would provide. They love broken, battered, and drowning RAD Parents as much as they love RAD Kiddos. Which is a lot!
~ Emily, mother of child with RAD
If you’re reading this, you’ve been through hell.  You’ve been in the trenches.  The lies, the manipulation, the arguments, being told you’re hated and having to put locks on your bedroom door just to get a mediocre night’s sleep.  And if you had RAD Advocates in your corner, you had a friend that completely understood what you had been through.  The calming voice of experience, the gentle nudge “mom to mom” are worth their weight in gold.  The knowledge when you can’t think, is priceless.  Call, write, beg…..you need these folks!
~ Lisa, mother of child with RAD
My son was diagnosed with RAD. Through the years I struggled with many agencies and meetings in an attempt to get him help. I became overwhelmed and defeated with the lack of support I found. Finally through a support group I was given RAD Advocates' number, what a BLESSING! From the first contact they were kind, caring, but most important empathetic. They immediately became my trusted contact for true support and real plan of action. They understand not only the RAD diagnosis of a child, but also the plight of the caring parents attempting to help their child. I fully recommend RAD Advocates. They will give you sound and productive advice in a non-judgemental manner!
~ Vernette, mother of child with RAD
I met Amy with RAD Advocates during a very stressful time in my family’s life. My stepson suffers from RAD, bipolar, ODD and ADHD. Amy helped guide us through the process of getting my son help through the state. She has been an amazing source of information and support through this extremely difficult
time in our lives. She was that comforting voice during time when it felt so hopeless and it was nice because she was available to me when I needed help. She continues to be involved in our lives and is helping myself and my husband heal from the trauma. She is also a great source of information on RAD.
She truly is one in a million and it is nice to connect with a fellow mom who understands the struggles and the fears. She has assured me that I am not crazy and has been a valuable resource.

I can’t put the words together of exactly how helpful she has been to my family and I will always be in her debt for her going above and beyond to help my family even though we are literally thousands of miles apart. She has helped make my family safe and I can now breathe and sleep at night knowing that my family is safe.

My son is getting care and my other children are safe and flourishing. Thank you isn’t enough for all you’ve done for our family, Amy!!!! You’re an amazing woman and we are so grateful to have you in our lives.
~ Cindy, mother of child with RAD
My family was in complete crisis when we found RAD Advocates. We were in a hopeless place with nowhere else to turn and no plan. The professionals we were seeking help through claimed they understood RAD, but it was clear they didn't. They didn't understand the family dynamic and how this illness affected the whole family. We all were living in an abusive home due to the behaviors RAD causes. We knew our daughter needed help before she severely hurt herself or others, but no one heard our cry for help. What we were told was, "We are reactive not proactive."  

The day we contacted RAD Advocates they spent hours working on a plan to get my family the help we needed to be safe.  They walked us through every step of the way including being at my house when Child Protective Services came to investigate. They were able to get the county to see we needed help for our daughter and that we weren't neglectful parents. They helped educate the county on the care my daughter needed. Their knowledge on how to navigate the system is what saved my family and got my daughter the care she needs.
~ Ann, mother of child with RAD
I called RAD Advocates to assist me with finding support for my daughter who has not made any progress after many years in therapy and various therapeutic interventions. After several hospitalizations and residential treatment placements she was getting sicker and sicker. They were able to provide me with resources to find a stable environment for my daughter. She is now stable and doing well in her new placement. I am so thankful for RAD Advocates and their knowledge and experience. They are an invaluable resource!! 
~ Dawn, mother of child with RAD