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Support & Memberships

You have various opportunities to give and get support with RAD Advocates. 
Support Membership

We offer various levels of support along the RAD parenting journey.

As we support you, you sustain our mission.


Give a one-time gift to our family scholarship fund. You'll give guidance to a RAD family who can't otherwise afford it. At the same time, you help to sustain our organization.

Sustaining Donor

Give RAD families support throughout their seasons of struggle. At the same time, sustain the future of our organization. Donate monthly to our family scholarship fund now.

Gift Support to a Family You Know

Gift support to a RAD family in your life. Click below to let us know about the family in need and which support membership you'd like to give them.

Support Memberships
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Support Memberships

Choose the level that fits you best, from our self-guided option all the way to customized support from an advocate.
Support Memberships
Get Guidance Going


Valid for one year

Perfect starting point for parents to access information to use on their own

A "Your RAD Parenting Roadmap" workbook to download, print and fill out on your own

Monthly live meetings with RAD Advocates and other members

Letter to personalize and prep for first responders

Fillable incident report to quickly document & save critical information

Savings to the biennial NavRAD event (the next one will be this April 19-21 in San Antonio, Texas)

Membership is processed online. You'll get an email containing your membership materials soon.

Monthly Mentorship


Every month

Great next steps for parents needing one-on-one guidance

All the benefits of our Get Guidance Guidance Going membership for a year PLUS:

Personalized support after completing "Your RAD Parenting Roadmap" workbook from an advocate

A 45-minute support call with an advocate each month

One-on-one support from an advocate via email each month

Personalized advice for finding the right therapeutic interventions for your family

Please click the Free Consultation button up top and we'll contact you with further information.



Every month

Guidance into transition for teens between

17 and 18 years old and their parents

All the benefits of our Get Guidance Going membership for a year PLUS:

A 45-minute introductory coaching call with an advocate

Safety planning guidance for parents

Strategic planning with parents


Provide life skill direction to the teen recognizing their need for independence

Goal setting and implementation for older teen

Act as liaison and maintain separate communication streams with parents and older teens

Specialized resources to utilize during older teen life transition

Please click the Free Consultation button up top and we'll contact you with further information.

Custom Advocacy


Valid for 3 months

Get highly comprehensive and personalized guidance/advocacy

NOTE: Membership cost & length vary by individualized plan. We will contact you after you select above to decipher your individual needs. 

All the benefits of our Monthly Mentorship


A 45-minute introductory coaching call with an advocate

Training about RAD for friends & family

Assistance in creating a safety plan for all family members

Resources to help meet specific family needs

Advice for specific therapeutic interventions

Family-specific advocacy with school, human services, etc.

Strategic planning to navigate various entities in your case

Administrative tasks and communication with various entities

Transitional planning for older children with RAD

Crisis prevention or intervention via phone

Please click the Free Consultation button up top and we'll contact you with further information.

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