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Do Your Part, However, Whenever, Wherever You Are.

Yes, we have a long way to go toward a better understanding of reactive attachment disorder, and mental health overall, in society. 

But it is very possible when we all work together.

Take part from your corner of the world. Get creative and inspired by moms like Caela and Laura and professionals like Sateash (pictured). Together, we're stronger. We are all RAD advocates.

Join Us.

Our vision is that, one day, more children with reactive attachment disorder will remain in the home with the healthy families that raise them—in which every family member is physically and emotionally safe at all times. Together, we can make our vision a reality through education and advocacy. 


Become a member

Membership is the perfect RAD advocacy union. Just as we support members, members support us. They are the backbone of our nonprofit that keep our good work going. 


RAD Advocates is a nonprofit (501c3) organization that is run mostly by volunteers. We have many types of positions, from board membership to committee work. You can help at various levels based on your availability.

There is a position for YOU! Please click this link to share your interest(s). We'll get back to you soon.

Because it just makes sense.

It’s extremely difficult, even dangerous at times, for parents — whether adoptive, biological, step-parent, or otherwise — to parent a child with developmental trauma disorder/reactive attachment disorder (RAD).

RAD Advocates exists to bridge the gap between parents and professionals.


When we do not protect these families as a society, we perpetuate the disorder, harm all children in the home, and feed the broken child welfare system.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


Let’s defend families, not the disorder.

Let’s support the critical job of parents. Let’s keep everyone in the home safe and well. When we do, we give kids with the disorder a better chance to stay in their families.


It just makes sense.


Anyone can share information. Whether you share our posts on social media, our emails with a friend, or bring our infographics to a pertinent meeting, you're helping us to spread the reality of RAD and create sparks for change around the globe. Every share helps us get further. 

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Have an idea for an infographic or something else that'd be helpful in your sharing and advocacy that you don't see on our resource page or in our blog posts? Email to suggest it.

At Work

Together, we can make big change.

Your change at any amount makes a huge difference in helping us to change and advocate on behalf of families everywhere. Here are a few ways you can donate to RAD Advocates:

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Via mail

RAD Advocates

PO Box 1054

Littleton, CO 80160


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Text "RADADVOCATES" to 44-321 to give from your phone.

Spread education.

Whether you'd like us to educate your colleagues, church congregation, or any other group about the realities of RAD, we can do so with customized virtual trainings. Email our training team at to learn about our training rates and details.

Perhaps you'd like to share/write about what you've personally learned about RAD. Please read our blog contribution guidelines here

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