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Contributors Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to RAD Advocates and our education and outreach efforts. We’re always looking for strong writers and powerful stories about reactive attachment disorder (RAD).

Who: The editor of the RAD Advocates' website is always seeking fresh voices to tell the story of living and working with children with RAD. We are looking for blog posts by parents, family members, and professionals. You must have first-hand experience with children with RAD for a significant amount of time to be considered. We do not consider a degree as a sole indication of RAD experience. The best bloggers write about their personal experiences and what they've learned along the way. 

How: Read our blog posts and consider how your blog topic is unique from others already covered.

What: Please send an e-mail to about your blog post topic idea and a little about yourself. Do not propose a topic in order to promote any specific product or company. While we are happy to include a bio with your post, the purpose of your post should not be solicitation or marketing. Rather, we hope to help educate and advocate for families of children with RAD. Please send us a sample of previous work that reflects your ability and interest in blogging on a RAD-related topic and allow up to four weeks for a reply. If possible, we like to include real photos that add to your post. Please indicate if you're comfortable doing so in your email.

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