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Annual Gratitude report

2023 Year in Review

We advocate and educate on behalf of families everywhere because of you.

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Left to right above: RAD Advocates COO Heather Houze and CEO Amy VanTine

Reflecting with Gratitude

It all began with a mom and an online search. Amy VanTine desperately needed help for her daughter with reactive attachment disorder (RAD), an affliction of the brain that develops from early trauma.


From various therapies to multiple parenting techniques, Amy had tried it all. Meanwhile, her daughter was getting more sick and the family was falling apart. The impact of her daughter’s early trauma severely impacted everyone in the home.


Through her search, Amy found other parents dealing with the same struggles. In 2017, Amy and two other moms started the nonprofit organization RAD Advocates. RAD Advocates has been on a mission to educate and advocate to equip families, communities and professionals to effectively support children with RAD ever since.


Thanks to our members, volunteers, donors and other supporters, RAD Advocates reaches more families and communities each day. We're incredibly grateful for your support.

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