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Lead Passion to Progress. We Can All Be Reactive Attachment Disorder Advocates.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Perhaps you caught our story a couple of weeks ago about Sateash Hime. She's a RAD advocate in her own rite. And you can be too.

Just out of graduate school, Sateash hoped to help at-risk kids as a caseworker in a foster adoption program. But Sateash had learned very little about reactive attachment disorder (RAD), a prominent struggle due to the early trauma many of the children had experienced.

Although Sateash had the passion, she didn't have the knowledge to help the children and their families. And neither did her colleagues.

Sateash Hime, a reactive attachment disorder advocate
Sateash Hime

Thankfully, Sateash crossed paths with the nonprofit organization RAD Advocates. They educated her about RAD and ignited a new passion and direction in her career. Today, she is guiding kids and families with empathy, knowledge, and resources.

People can't help to remedy a problem they don't know understand. There are still so many passionate people who can make a real difference like Sateash. With the right education, they can do so much better for families. You can help advance that movement. “Amy [of RAD Advocates] opened my eyes to an entirely different presentation of attachment than I had ever even thought of before,” says Sateash. “RAD Advocates is absolutely influential in making change and creating a shift and understanding about RAD.”

With your support of education and advocacy about RAD, you can help to reach more professionals like Sateash and so many others in various roles. For too many, they still don't have the knowledge they need to truly help kids and families. Please don't wait—you can be a RAD advocate from your corner of the world today.

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Angie Forrestal
Angie Forrestal
Dec 20, 2021

Please let us know what research has been done on treating RAD. Thank you.

Nichole Noonan
Nichole Noonan
Dec 27, 2021
Replying to

Hi Angie,

Great question. Much has been researched about RAD treatment and our hope is that more clinicians take notice. A good place for you to look further is Dr. Bessel van der Kolk's work. He has a clear understanding of complex trauma and treatment ideas.

We still have a long way to go first with regard to awareness and that is where our nonprofit comes in. Our mission at RAD Advocates, as parents ourselves (not clinicians), is to raise awareness about the reality of this very complex disorder and support parents in the meantime. Our hope is that the more people truly recognize and understand RAD, the more widely available effective treatment will become in the future.



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