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Your Reactive Attachment Disorder Parenting Roadmap is ready. All we need is you.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

They're ready! We're thrilled to give you a sneak peek at our Navigating RAD conference workbook, a labor of love that we worked on for over a year. It's a tool we'll use as we give parents the guidance we wish we had during the thick of parenting kids with reactive attachment disorder (RAD).

At the conference, we'll help parents fill out the workbook through support and education from professionals in the field of reactive attachment disorder. We'd love for you to join us. We'll walk you through various exercises, including but not limited to the following, as you create a custom plan for your family. If you're able to join us, you will:

  • Consider the severity of your child's trauma impact

You'll fill out a parent questionnaire and trauma expert Forrest Lien, LCSW, Owner and Founder of Lifespan Trauma Consulting will guide you through how to score the questionnaire and consider what the results might mean for you and your family. (Disclaimer: This questionnaire should not replace a clinical evaluation. It is merely a personal tool to help you decipher next best steps in your journey).

  • Evaluate past interventions and medications you've tried and what might work better for your child

Many parents follow the advice of professionals only to find that their child is sicker than when they started. Through the education of our guest speakers, clinicians who've successfully worked with children with RAD for decades, we'll help you to understand what may have gone wrong and what you can do moving forward. Psychiatrist Dr. John F. Alston is a unique resource in thinking about medication for kids with RAD in a different and more effective way, for example.

  • Brainstorm ways to create a respite care plan

It is critical to have breaks for yourself and with your other family members away from your child with reactive attachment disorder. However, that can be hard to achieve. You have little time or resources to figure out where to begin. Let us help you brainstorm creative ideas to find ways toward respite.

  • Put a safety plan in place

The single most important part of raising a child with reactive attachment disorder is ensuring your family's safety. Everything else can follow. We'll help you to start to put a safety plan together, whether the child with reactive attachment disorder is currently at home, coming home soon or has no plans to return home in the near future. You need a safety plan no matter the stage you're in.

Why Navigating RAD is For You

If you're worried about how you'll continue raising your child while also keeping your family safe, this conference is for you. We'll help you find a way through.

If you're tired of hearing from professionals who don't understand what you're going through and need real guidance without the bull, this conference is for you. We've hand-selected professionals we trust who actually know what they're talking about through decades of experience.

If you're lonely, this conference is for you. Meet other parents of kids with reactive attachment disorder and build supportive friendships in a comfortable and safe environment. Come as you are (even if that means pjs and slippers, seriously!).

We've completed the workbook. Now it's time for you to fill it out with our help. End the year with a plan that's appropriate for your family. We hope to see you in October!

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