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Reactive Attachment Disorder Support: Where Families Can Learn & Lean On Each Other Every Year

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Navigating reactive attachment disorder 2021
NavRAD21, a first-ever conference created just for those raising kids with reactive attachment disorder

Last summer, those raising kids with reactive attachment disorder and their friends and families traveled from 29 states to Denver for #NavRAD21, our first-ever conference.

navigating reactive attachment disorder 2022
What state will you represent for NavRAD22?

They learned, cried, and laughed together and leaned upon one another. Here's what just a few of them had to say:

  • "All of the presenters truly understood reactive attachment disorder, through personal experience or long professional experience. There was none of the connected child or TBRI stuff that we've all tried, and it's failed."

  • "I enjoyed being with other people who understood my journey as a parent. I did not have to explain my child's situation, they just understood."

  • "Every speaker and session was intentionally chosen to help each of us, no matter where our walk is. There was so much thought put into this conference and it showed beautifully. This is the first conference that I've been to where every single session applied and was relevant to our lives."

RAD Advocates
RAD Advocates Amy VanTine, Beth Cochran and Heather Houze at NavRAD21

So far, we know that we'll host #NavRAD22 October 7-9 in Atlanta. We'd love to see you there.

For now, you can plan to:
  • Travel for a long weekend in October

  • Fly into Atlanta, Georgia (if arriving from out of state) by the evening of October 6

  • Invite a friend and plan to attend together

  • Stay tuned for more details

We hope you can join us for more learning, laughing, hugging, crying, and growing. When we're together, we're stronger for families and children with reactive attachment disorder.

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