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Drumroll, please….we have a new look!

As of today, RAD Advocates has a new logo and tagline with a website redesign on the way. While our look has changed, rest assured that the same mission and people of RAD Advocates still stand beside you. We continue to educate and advocate to equip families, communities, and professionals to effectively support children with reactive attachment disorder (RAD).

Although our work continues in the same way, we are growing and maturing as an organization. Three years from our inception, it’s time to more fully represent our work and all that we are. Without further ado, here's a glimpse of what we've been up to behind the scenes...

Logo creation circa 2017

In our earliest days, we designed the logo from the premise that RAD Advocates ultimately serves children with reactive attachment disorder.

Our logo today

The work of RAD Advocates does serve children. We do so, however, through support of those raising children with reactive attachment disorder via education and advocacy. On any given day, we do so in various ways:

  • In one moment, we're consulting on behalf of parents at a team meeting with their insurance company and a hospital to help secure placement for their child with reactive attachment disorder.

  • Another day brings us in front of an auditorium of graduate students to educate them on the disorder so they're better informed as future clinicians serving families of children with the disorder.

  • The next day may mean we're at a legislative committee meeting, advocating for laws that could better serve children with reactive attachment disorder and their families.

  • Every Friday, we attend meetings at a county court adolescent program to educate parents and professionals working with children who have reactive attachment disorder and provide resources to transition incarcerated children into society.

While every day is a little different, our priority remains the same—to support the mental and physical health and safety of families of children with reactive attachment disorder. We believe that supporting families is the most effective way to ultimately support their children.

Our vision is that, one day, more children with reactive attachment disorder will remain in the home with the healthy families that raise them—in which every family member is physically and emotionally safe at all times. Our new logo is a more holistic representation of all that we are and do.

The colors, fonts, and shapes of our new logo represent both the seriousness of our cause and the hope we hold for the future of children with reactive attachment disorder and their families. The circle shape of our logo is a multi-faceted symbol. It represents the full scope of our work with families, professionals, and human services systems. It also represents the journey of our founder, Amy VanTine, and other staff members who began in the same position as the clients we now serve, those raising children with reactive attachment disorder. Finally, the circle is a representation of the endless and ineffective cycle families and children with reactive attachment disorder go through. The line in the middle represents our mission to stop that cycle.

Also aligned with our more holistic representation is our tagline, "Leading from experience. Guiding for change". As parents who once walked in the shoes of those we now serve, we are knowledgeable and empathetic about the journey and passionate about changing that path for others.

Thank you for your ongoing support of RAD Advocates.

We couldn't do our work without your support. The louder our unified voices, the more effective we are in making systemic change for our families, our children, and our future as a global community.

p.s.- Please stay tuned for more exciting changes in the coming weeks, including a website re-design and an announcement (hint, hint...mark your calendars for August 20-21 to be here in Denver)!


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