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Navigating RAD, or NavRAD, is a guided experience for those raising kids with reactive attachment disorder to connect and create an individual plan forward. We'll be in Kansas City October 13-15 for NavRAD23. Experience NavRAD this year.

Seats are limited to provide a more personal experience. Buy tickets while they last.

Guiding from experience.

Leading for change.

RAD Advocates guides and advocate for parents as they navigate reactive attachment disorder (and the complicated & frustrating systems that go with it). Along the way, we educate professionals too. Become a member.
What is Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?

Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) develops when a child’s brain is impacted by trauma during the first few years of life. Although common in children living in the foster care system and in orphanages internationally, the disorder can impact any child and family. 


Kids with RAD are stuck in a constant state of fight or flight, even after their trauma has long passed. 


It’s extremely difficult, even dangerous at times, for parents—whether adoptive, biological, stepparent, or otherwise—to raise a child with RAD and find effective help for them. RAD Advocates exists to bridge the gap. 

Upcoming Events

Help to lift up and advocate for parents raising kids with RAD.

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