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An honest, vulnerable conversation about reactive attachment disorder parenting for moms by moms

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The details of each story is different.

All of us at RAD Advocates have experienced reactive attachment disorder parenting. But while some of our children came from the foster care system within the United States, others traveled from foreign countries. Some children joined our families as infants. Others were in grade school.

The behaviors that each child displayed also varied—from passive-aggressive, charming manipulation and verbal abuse to outright physical rages and violence.

The one commonality, however, was the absolute destruction each of our families experienced.

And we had the chance to talk about it during a podcast—in complete honesty and vulnerability—with Carrie O’Toole, a remarkable mom who faced the challenges of raising a child with reactive attachment disorder too. Carrie has made the most of her difficult and life-changing experiences to support other parents in the journey. She helps them to find healing and peace via coaching, retreats, public speaking and other services.

During our discussion, we shared our experiences and discussed how difficult—if not impossible—it was to find professionals who understood our children’s disorder. So few clinicians grasped how reactive attachment disorder affects the entire family unit.

It’s always refreshing to meet with other moms who have raised children with reactive attachment disorder. There is a sort of sisterhood that requires no explanation or justification. One can simply be understood and accepted.

We invite you to “join” us from the comfort and safety of your own home. Watch below.

So many people worldwide are currently in the midst of reactive attachment disorder parenting. These parents have stepped up to meet the need of children without a stable life and family. The trauma the children have endured has deeply impacted their ability to have relationships and, as a result, they fight those connections in intense and destructive ways.

Anyone parenting a child with reactive attachment disorder needs a strong team of support around them as well as concrete plans for action to help guide them each day.

That is why RAD Advocates will hold a unique conference, Navigating RAD 2020, that is geared to meet the needs of families in the trenches of reactive attachment disorder. We are so fortunate to have presenters like Carrie O’Toole to support families and equip them in their difficult journey.

Although our conference date is now on hold due to the coronavirus, we will continue to prepare and ready ourselves for the time when we can meet. We know that the intense challenges each family is experiencing is not lessened by the restrictions that have been placed in order to slow the spread of the virus.

As many of us are experiencing a shift in our busy schedules, please take time to watch the podcast with Carrie O’Toole and RAD Advocates. Those of you who are in the throes of reactive attachment disorder parenting, know that you are seen and understood. We are all still working tirelessly to bring the support and direction you desperately need, wherever you are.

p.s.—RAD Advocates has decided to postpone their conference, Navigating RAD 2020, from the time of filming this podcast. However, they continue to move forward. Please stay in touch to learn about the new conference date in the coming months.


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